Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thai Style- Grilled Pomfret in Hot & Sour Chilli Sauce

Last week my hubby gifted me a nice cookery cook on Thai cuisine from Thailand. I was totally delighted and was so eager to try out new recipe very soon. Today's recipe is my first trial from this book. It’s a grilled pomfret with hot and sour chilli sauce which I am going to make today. It’s called “Pla Pow" in Thai. Whole pomfret is smothered in garlic, coriander and oyster sauce, then grilled to a deep caramel colour and served with flavoured jasmine rice.  I am using the hot and sour chilli sauce for marinating as well to give it a tangy taste. Hope you enjoy cooking the recipe as much I do making them.

Minimally adapted from " Easy Thai Cookbook" by Sallie Morris

Serve:          2
Preparation time:            30 minutes (Including marination)

Pomfret:                                 2 small or medium
Coriander stem:                      4 (2 inches long)
Garlic:                                    2 cloves
Black pepper:                        1 teaspoon (freshly grounded)
Oyster Sauce:                        4 tablespoon
For hot & sour chilli sauce
Fish Sauce:                            5 tablespoon
Lime juice:                             5 tablespoon
Red chilli:                              1-2 (finely sliced)
Palm/ brown sugar:               2 tablespoon
Mint leaves:                          1 small handfull
Mint leaves and lime wedges to serve


1) Rinse and dry a cleaned fish and slash the skin 2-3 times each side for marinating.
2) Pound the coriander and garlic using pestle and mortar. Add black pepper and oyster sauce.
3) Marinate the fish with the mixture both sides.
4) Blend all the hot and sour chilli sauce ingredients together and set it aside.
5) Add 2-3 tablespoon of sauce on marinated fish and reserve rest to serve with the grilled fish.
6) Marinate for 15-20 minutes
7) Place the fish on a lightly oiled grill pan. Cook for about 4- 5 minutes each side , turning once during cooking on a medium flame.
8) Serve it hot, garnish with mint and lemon wedges. Enjoy it with rice and prepared sauce.



  1. Delicious pomfret Ruchi :) looks so detectable, book-marking this recipe

  2. Ooh ! I love Thai flavours. Yours look tempting

  3. perfect..yummy ...frst time ur space ...hapi to follow u ..glad if u do d same...