Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cinnamon Rose Bread

Nothing can be more fun to make Rose Bread on Rose day... what a coincidence!!! I was planning to bake breads from long, so all this week and coming week I am blogging and posting about few of the interesting hand crafted Artisan bread. Someone well said- "All sorrows are less with bread"- I am so happy and excited baking bread all this week. About today's recipe, I am not sure about its origin but first saw it on a blogger group and bookmarked it. This is filled, rolled and braided bread. You can also call it Russian Braid, Caucasian Bread or I would love calling it turban bread. Whatever you name it, this bread is as tasty to eat as it looks. I used the cinnamon butter filling, but there are so many variations using other ingredients like pesto, nutella, chocolate or fruit filling. Shaping the bread is most technical part of this recipe; I am trying to show step by step photo instruction to make it easy for you. Hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.

Serve:            6-8

Preparation time:         3 hrs ( Including baking and dough rising )


All-purpose flour:                    4 cups
Egg:                                        1
Dry active yeast:                      2 teaspoon
Sugar:                                     2 teaspoon
Salt:                                        1 teaspoon
Oil:                                         1/4 cup+ 1 Tbs
White vinegar:                         1 tablespoon
Warm water:                           1 cup

Butter:                                     4 tablespoon (softened)
Palm sugar:                              1/2 cup
Cinnamon powder:                  2 teaspoon


1) Grease the bottom and side of 10" spring form pan. You can use any round cake pan but spring form helps better in the bread formation.
2) Add flour, egg, yeast, sugar, salt and 1/4 cup oil in a bowl and mix until well.

3) Add vinegar to warm water, stir, then add to the other ingredients.
4) We can use a food processor to make a elastic dough which is not sticky. I am using hand to do so, mix all ingredient above and bring it together.
5) Put it on a floured surface and stretch the dough fold it to half and turn 90 degrees. Repeat the process to make it into a elastic but not sticky dough. Use your hand in circular motion to make it round.
6) Place 1 Tbs oil in a bowl, place the dough in the bowl and ensure it is well coated with oil. Cover it with a cling film and let it rise for 1 hour in a warm place.

7) It will nearly double in an hour.

8) On a lightly floured surface, carefully roll dough into a large rectangle, about 12" x 24"
9) Brush the butter over the entire dough.

10) For Filling combine the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.
11) Sprinkle all the sugar evenly over the buttered surface.
12) Roll it gently from the longer side of the rectangle

13) Close the end tight. and cut it lengthwise using a sharp knife.

14) Gently flip the roll to the open side so that layers are facing up.

 15) Put one half of the roll over the other forming X shape

 16) Carefully cross the ropes over each other facing the open side up. Pinch the ends together.

17) Roll the long braid in a circle. Tuck the end of the rope into the wreath.
18)  Place it carefully on the bottom of the spring form pan. Cover it with a cling film or kitchen towel to rise for 30 minutes.

19) Meanwhile preheat the oven at 200 degree Celsius.

 20) Bake it at 200 degree for 10 minutes and the reduce the temperature to 190 degree celcius and bake for another 30 minutes.

 21) Remove the bread to a wire rack and let it cool for before serving.

 22) Enjoy this yummy looking bread with your friends and family.



  1. Gorgeous bread Ruchi :) stunning, who would have thought of doing this... bookmarking it...

  2. ruchi , i too made this bread last week will post soon , i like your filling well made dear...........

  3. Ruchi, Your bread looks stunning.

  4. This is too funny...I just posted my recipe for cinnamon braid bread on RecipeNewz and then I saw yours posted there! Great! We must have simliar taste in food, so I'm your newest follower! Great post!

  5. I found you and your beautiful bread via Pinterest. Wonderful tutorial and gorgeous bread!

  6. Looks gorgeous! Too bed you didn't give the blogger who made it for you to find credit. It's a nice thing to do.