Friday, March 15, 2013

Arbi ki Kakori Kebab (Colocasia Kebab)

"Kakori kebab" is a South Asian kebab attributed to the city of Kakori in Uttar Pradesh, India. There is much folklore about this famous kebab that takes its name from a small hamlet called Kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow.
One such story says that the kakori kebab was created by the Nawab of Kakori, Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi, who, stung by the remark of a British officer about the coarse texture of the kebabs served at dinner, ordered his rakabdars (gourmet cooks) to evolve a more refined seekh kebab. After ten days of research, they came up with a kebab so soft and so juicy it won the praise of the very British officer who had scorned the Nawab. The winning formula his rakabdars came upon included mince obtained from no other part but the raan ki machhli (tendon of the leg of mutton), khoya, white pepper and a mix of powdered spices.
(Source: Wikipedia)
Taking this recipe further the same method is applied to a vegetarian version of Kakori kebab. The City's famous Kebab, beguiling the carnivore... " Arbi ki Kakori"

Serve:      4
Preparation time:            30  minutes
Adapted from Taj Hotel Vegetarian Fare Collection

Colocasia (Arbi):                               250 grams
Turmeric Powder:                              A pinch
Salt:                                                    1/2 teaspoon
Rose petals:                                       4-5
Cashew nuts:                                     40 grams
Poppy Seeds:                                   1/4 teaspoon
Onion:                                                1 tablespoon (chopped and browned)
Clove:                                                1
Black peppercorn:                           1/4 teaspoon
Black cardamom:                             1
Green cardamom and mace powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Ghee for basting

1) Boil colocasia with turmeric powder and salt till tender. Peel, mash and reserve.
2) Grind to paste the rose petals, cashew nuts, poppy seeds and browned onion.
3) Dry grind the clove, peppercorn, black cardamom, cardamom-mace powder.
4) Combine the cashew - poppy paste and the spices and add to colocasia. Process to a fine mixture. Check the seasoning.
5) Using your finger, press the mixture onto the Kakori skewers. Make your hand wet before doing this step for easy shaping of kebabs.
6) Baste with ghee and roast on a charcoal grill till done. I have used a grill pan instead for cooking but charcoal grill give it the best flavor.
7) Serve hot with rumali roti.