Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretzel Nest Cookies

I wanted to make a quick and easy recipe to end up this kid's series on my blog. Saw this nest like cookies on web and thought of making it. Pretzel nest cookies are real quick and easy recipe. It will certainly fascinate your kids because of its vibrant color and chocolate flavor. A pretzel is a type of baked food made from dough in soft and hard varieties and savory or sweet flavors in a unique knot-like shape, originating in Europe. The pretzel shape is a distinctive symmetrical looped form, with the ends of a long strip of dough intertwine brought together and then twisted back onto itself in a certain way ("a pretzel loop"). Pretzels in stick form may also be called pretzels in the English-speaking context. We are using a sweet pretzel stick for this recipe. This can be a good do-it-yourself food for Easter week vacation for kids.

Serve:     3-4 (makes 10 cookies)

Preparation time:      20 minutes


Pretzel sticks:                       20 sticks (broken into less than 1 inches irregular size)
Milk chocolate:                    100 grams
Butter:                                  1 teaspoon
Mini Cadbury eggs:               20


1) Break the pretzel stick into less than one inches irregular size. Keep it aside.
2) Break the milk chocolate bar in small pieces. Microwave it for 30 seconds, mix with a spoon.
3) Add butter and microwave again for 30 seconds. Chocolate will melt completely. Microwave for few more seconds if required.
4) Mix all the pretzel stick in to the melted chocolate. Let it coat well.
5) Put some cooking oil in your hand and start making nest shaped cookies using your hand. Put it on a butter paper. Work fast as chocolate will start getting hard. Put it again in microwave for few seconds if chocolate is getting hard to use.

6) Put it in freeze for 10 minutes to harden.
7) Decorate with colorful mini cadbury eggs. See the lovely smile on your kids face and enjoy these tasty cookies with them.