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13 Secret sauce is all about innovation and experimentation. It reflects my personal journey in cooking and is a bit inspired from "Julie & Julia". The dishes presented here are a mix of widely known and liked dishes and hidden recipes, incl. some personal innovations, from different parts of the world, however with a twist. The twist is using a slightly different ingredient or cooking technique. The dishes presented here are not staple food or daily dishes, but something for a special occasion, when you want to surprise your family, friends or loved ones. It is especially targeted at those, who love experimenting with new cuisines and wish for something new or different. The dishes will tantalize your taste buds. Hope you enjoy reading and cooking my recipes. Bon Appetit !

About me
I am really passionate about cooking. 2 things that keep me going
a) Learning and experimenting with Cooking: I read a lot about cooking esp. books, articles and other blogs. They inspire and excite me to keep going !
b) Encouragement from my readers i.e."You": Your comments and views mean a lot to me. Thank you ! for reading my recipes, sharing them with your friends and writing back to me about them. Please keep your support and love coming

Professionally speaking, I am an Engineer and an MBA. I completed my studies in India. Thereafter, I worked for Caterpillar Inc. in a sales and operation profile for 4 years. Since Jan 2010, took a maternity break to focus on my child and family and have been a stay-at-home-mom since. To satiate my creative side during this professional break, I started experimenting with cooking. I initiated it with learning more about Indian cuisine and graduated to more international cuisines. With encouragement from friends and family, I started penning down my experiments for readers around the world. I recently shifted to Amsterdam with family. For more details you can visit Linkedin

A recent pic of mine clicked by my hubby

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