1) Cocktail Broccoli with Cucumber and Mint Dip
2) Dal Ki Dulhan ( Red lentil soup with floating dumplings)
3) Melting Potato ( Grilled potato salad)
4) Exotic Insalata ( Romanesco Broccoli Salad)
5) Cheese Paprika boat (Stuffed Italian sweet pepper)
6) Fara ( Lentil stuffed dumpling poached in water)
7) Sweetheart Shrimp (Grilled prawn)
8) Rolling Cabbage with Yogurt Cream Dip (Bulgur stuffed Cabbage leafs)
9) Khatta Meetha Prawn with Tamarind dip
10) Tandoori Bites ( Chicken stuffed grilled mushroom)
11) Krepa (Potato and Spinach Stuffed Greek Crepe Topped With Tomato Relish)
12)Cool Cabbage salad with roasted coconut dressing
13)Baked Malfatti dipped Shorba
14)Cabbage Cigar
15) Desi Videsi Khandvi ( Rolled pasta from chickpea flour with feta filling)
16) Dhaba Chilli Chicken
17) Mediterranean Red Lentil Soup
18) Crispy Tofu In Thai Chilli & Basil
19) Aloo Katliyan (Spicy Sliced Potato)
20) Broccoli Pot (Greek - Style Stuffed Mushroom)
21) Apple Pie Bites and Spinach Feta Puffs
22) Tuna Bites and Insalata Caprese Open Sandwich
23) Cheese Sandwich Quiche
24) Kids Platter (Insalata, Tortellini & Cheese Pistachio Fingers with Pesto Dip)
25) Arbi ki Kakori Kebab (Colocasia Kebab)
26) Smoked Mushroom Galouti Kebab
27) Hara Tawa Kebab (Griddle- roasted spinach and gram kebab)
28) Saffron Caressed Vegetable Pouch (Saffron flavoured baked vegetable in filo pastry)
29) Prawn in a Blanket
30) Tomato Blast (Spinach Mushroom Stuffed Baked Egg in Tomato Cups)

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