Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tomato Blast (Spinach Mushroom Stuffed Baked Egg in Tomato Cups)

These little tomato cups filled with spinach, mushroom and cheese with baked egg on top of it is a real yummy and healthy option for a quick breakfast or lazy evening snacks. I absolutely love the idea of making healthy recipes with easily available ingredients. With its scrumptious looks it also has the goodness of spinach and mushroom. Egg, spinach, mushroom, tomato, and loads of cheese, what else do you need in a dish to make it exquisite!!

Serve:          2

Preparation time:         45 minutes


Big Tomatoes:               2
Spinach:                        1/4 cup (finely chopped and blanched)
Mushroom:                    4 medium (finely chopped)
Egg:                               2 small
Processed cheese:          2 tablespoon (grated)
Salt and pepper to season
Salad leaves to serve


1) Cut the top of the tomato and carefully take out the central seed part of it. It should look like a cup.
2) Heat some oil in a pan and toss blanched and chopped spinach and mushroom. Season it. Toss until cooked and dry.
3) Place the tomato cups in a greased muffin tin to stand straight.
4) Fill in the bottom of the tomato with spinach mushroom mixture. Add 1 tbsp of cheese on to it.
5) Top it up with the egg. Carefully break the egg and separate half of the egg white. Pour the egg yolk in the tomato cup. Oil the tomato top and place it in the muffin tin.
6) Season the egg with salt and pepper.
7) Bake it at 200 degree for 20-25 minutes or until the egg is cooked and done.

8) Serve hot with some salad and dip.


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