Monday, January 21, 2013

Grapes Dumbbell

“Grapes Dumbbell” as the name suggests this recipe helps you exercise your sweet tooth without an extra pound. It is a supper fast and three ingredient recipe. Yes, you heard it right, Grapes, Chocolate and Cashews. Make these small bite sizes sweet for your deserts or starters and enjoy it with family and friends.

Serve-    4

Preparation time-    15 minutes


Grapes:                        20 large sized (seedless)
Milk Chocolate:           100 grams
Cashews:                     15 pieces
Toothpick:                   10 numbers

1)  Grate or slice the chocolate bar and melt it in a microwave for 30 sec. You can melt the chocolate on a double boiler also. Keep it warm.
2) Grind the cashews roughly to get a bread crumb like consistency.
3) Insert the grapes from both the side of toothpick. Make all the pieces together and dip both the side in chocolate. Dip it back in cashew crumb.
4) Freeze it for 10-15 minutes and serve cold. It can be made in advance before the any dinner/ lunch party.


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