Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baked Yogurt with Spiced Fresh Fruit

It is an easy and quick recipe to make you lunch or dinner a healthy yet exotic finish. It’s just three ingredients , takes barely any preparation time and tastes so good, especially with fresh fruit. The twist here is with the complemented spiced fresh fruit.  Let's get cooking :)

Ingredient: ( For 1 serving)

Heavy Cream:             3 tablespoon
Condensed Milk:        3 tablespoon
Greek Yogurt:            4 tablespoon
Fresh Fruit:                 Green Apple(sliced), Strawberry, Grapes
Cinnamon Powder:      1/2 teaspoon
Pink peppercorn:         2 crushed
Sugar:                         1 tablespoon
Vanilla essence:           1/2 teaspoon


1) Combine cream, condensed milk and yogurt. Mix well
2) Bake in a bake-and-serve dish at 120 degree celsius for 12 minutes.
3) Chill it in a refrigerator.
4) Boil all the fresh fruit, and sugar in a saucepan. Add cinnamon, peppercorn and vanilla essence. Cook it for a minute.
5) Serve it cold with chilled baked yogurt.


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