Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rolling Cabbage with Yogurt Cream Dip (Bulgur stuffed Cabbage leafs)

Yet another try of making a fusion mediterranean recipe. It is a mezze and served cold with a fascinating yogurt cream sauce. It is called "Sarma" in middle eastern region. Sarma means 'a wrapped thing' in Turkish language, from the verb sarmak 'to wrap' or 'to roll'. Besides the savory dish of leaf-wrapped filling, sarma in Greek can also refer to sweet pastries similar to baklava. Ideally meat and rice is stuffed in such kind of roll but I wanted to make it simpler and vegetarian, I am using bulgur in stuffing. In my earlier recipes I have mentioned about the bulgur, its recipes and use. Its one of the quick to make food and can be used in several ways. Bulgur is cooked with tomato/chili sauce, rolled in a fresh cabbage leaf and poached to in water and natural vinegar.

Cabbage:            1 large
Bulgar:                1 cup
Boiling water:      1 cup
Tomato puree:    2 table spoon
Hot Chili Sauce:  1table spoon
Green onion:       2 pieces ( finely chopped)
Spinach:              1/4cup (finely chopped and blanched)
Salt to taste
White pepper
Olive oil:              2 table spoon
Cumin Powder:    1/4tea spoon
Fresh Parsley:      1/4 cup ( finely chopped)
Lemon juice:        2table spoon
Natural white vinegar:   2table spoon

For yogurt cream sauce:
Cucumber:           1/2 Cup ( small cubes)
Sour Cream:         2table spoon
Greek Curd:         3table spoon
Olive oil:               1table spoon
Lemon Juice:         1/2table spoon
Fresh Parsley:       2table spoon ( Finely chopped)
Salt to taste
White pepper

1) Take out the whole cabbage leaf carefully and put in the boiling water with some salt. Strain it once the leafs are soft. Place the whole leaf on a clean chopping board and take the hard vein in between using a knife and split the big leaf in two parts. Keep it aside
2) Melt tomato sauce and chili sauce in 1 cup of boiling water. Add bulgur and salt. Cover it with kitchen towel for 10 minutes.
3) After 10 minutes add parsley, green onion, spinach, cumin, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix well.
4) Spread the cabbage sheet and put a spoon full of stuffing at the softer end. Roll it folding the side of the leafs so that the stuffing doesn't come out.
5) Carefully place all the rolls in a pan and pour water till half level. Bring it to boil at high flame. Add some salt and vinegar to water and cove it making the flame slow.
6) Cook it for 10-15 minutes at low flames. Take it out carefully in a serving dish and let it cool in the refrigerator.

For Dip:
1) Add all the ingredient of the dip together in a bowl and mix well. Serve this cold dip with the cold rolling cabbage as an appetizer any time of the day.


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