Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chicken Drums with Mushroom Ragout

I was very confused to name this recipe. Loved the way it has come up finally. Wanted a name to go with its fascinating and attractive look. This recipe is a combination of egg and chicken with mushroom ragout which is a basic stew to go with this roll. Rolling boiled egg in chicken breast is an innovative idea. But you need to very careful while boiling the egg as it again cooks with the roll and can become hard. Mushroom ragout in my all time favourite and quick to make. Here goes the recipe.." The French Style"

Egg:                      2medium
Chicken breast:     2medium
White Pepper:
Garlic powder
Garlic cloves:        1 clove
Dried Oregano
Bread crumb:         4 table spoon
Corn flour:             1table spoon
Olive oil
Butter:                    1table spoon
Mushroom:             6-7 pieces ( Cut in four parts)
Red Bell pepper:     1/2 ( Cut into medium dices)
Sour cream:             3table spoon
Feta cheese:            1table spoon

1) Boil 2 eggs for 10 minute. It will we not be 100% hard so carefully take the shell off. Keep aside
2) Place the chicken breast in between a plastic sheet and pound using hammer or rolling pin. Make a big enough sheet to cover your eggs.
3) Sprinkle some salt, pepper, garlic and oregano on the chicken sheet and keep it aside for 10 minutes.
4) Place an egg over the chicken breast sheet and roll folding sides. Mix 2 spoon full of water in the cornflour  and dip the roll in the liquid. Spread the bread crumb and roll it over. All the crumb will stick to the chicken roll.
5) Heat some oil and cook the roll from all sides till golden brown.
6) Heat some butter in another pan. Add crushed garlic and cut vegetables. Toss it well and season it with salt and pepper.
7) Reduce the flame, add sour cream and feta cheese. Mix well cook for another minute.
8) Pour the stew at the bottom of the serving dish. Cut the egg-chicken roll from middle. Serve hot and enjoy the goodness of chicken and egg together.


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  1. love your ideas ! seriously... each one is better than the other...