Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mingi Paak (Muskmelon Seed Fudge)

Mingi paak is a fudge kind of dessert made in India during any festival, fasting or poja. It is made of muskmelon seed also known as charmagaz. In India, these cooling and nutritious melons are found in abundance during the summer time. Being lower in calories and having high water content, the melon is a refreshing and healthy food. The melon seed is, generally, a grayish white hard shell with a white inner kernel, which is soft and oval in shape. The seeds of the melon are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, fats and other nutrients. It lacks any distinct scent but has a nutty and sweet taste. The melon seeds are used in baking, dressing of bread cake, confectionery, supari, sweets, refreshing drinks and snack foods. They can also be directly consumed after roasting.

Today I am trying to make a burfi like Indian dessert with charmagaz after roasting it a bit and then mixing it with khoya and sugar syrup. The mixture is set on a greased tray and cut into desired shape once cool.

Makes:                      10-12 burfis
Preparation time:        30 minutes

Magaz (dried, peeled melon seeds):           1/2 cup
Khoya:                                                      1/2 cup
Sugar:                                                        1/2 cup
Water:                                                       1/4 cup
Ghee:                                                         1 tbsp


1) Dry roast magaz until they turn a little brown in color. Be careful as it splutters during roasting. Cool down and crush coarsely. Set aside.
2) Heat ghee in a pan and sauté khoya till it gets even and slightly brown. Turn off the flame and add magaz to khoya. Keep it aside.
3) Heat sugar and water together in another pan and let the sugar dissolve over low flame.
4) After the sugar dissolves, bring the syrup to a boil and let it cook till it becomes thick (two strings thick).
5) Turn off the flame and add syrup immediately into the khoya mixture followed by vigorous stirring to blend well. Now transfer the contents to a greased plate, level it and keep it aside.
6) Once the mixture gets set and becomes cool, cut it into square pieces.
7) Arrange the pieces on a serving dish and serve.