Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nimona (Green Pea Curry)

The more you will have Lucknowi / Awadhi food the more you will fall in love with their cuisine and style of cooking. The cuisine consist of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dished but has many unique dishes that catered to the richer tastes of the North Indian Royal class. The Cuisine shows strong influences from central Asia, the Middle East and Northern India. A spicy Nimona on a bright sunny winter afternoon is perfect for a lazy lunch.

Serve:       4
Preparation time:            40 Minutes

Green peas pods:         1 kg (whole)
Onion:                         1 medium
Potato:                        1 large
Bay leaf:                      1 leaf
Fenugreek seed:          1 tablespoon
Green chili:                  2
Garlic:                         2 large cloves
Garam masala:            1/2 tablespoon
Cauliflowers:               1 cup floret (optional)
Moong Dal Vari:         1 cup (optional, can get in any Indian food store)


1) Open the pods and reserve all the peas.
2) Reserve one small bowl of peas and make a fine paste of remaining peas in a food processor.
3) Heat some oil in a pan, add bay leaf, green chili and fenugreek seed and let it crackle.
4) Add garlic paste and onion. Cook till onions are soft and brown. Add pea paste, garam masala and fry till it turn greenish brown and oil starts to separate from the mixture.
5) Add all the left vegetables like potato, pea cauliflower, moong dal vari. Toss for few minutes.
6) Add some water and let it simmer for 20 minutes till all the vegetables are soft. Adjust the consistency of gravy.
7) Serve hot with Indian bread or jeera rice.



  1. Lovely green peas...love the shiny tray too

  2. Peas curry looks inviting... i love the tray :)

  3. Peas curry looks awesome. Must be tasty too....

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