Friday, November 16, 2012

Pistachio Pear Smoothie

Since I’m not really one who eats whole fresh fruits all that often, I sort of had to find a way to use them. Although my hubby and son both are ardent fruit lover. This smoothie will suffice all of our taste buds and food interest. I love its light green color. This smoothie didn't need much of anything else to make it into something really great. For real, this has got to be the most refreshing smoothie I have ever had, yet, it contains so much protein that it’ll keep you satisfied for a very long time!

 Serves 2

Preparation time:                      2 minutes
Cooking time:                          2 minutes


Pear:                                      2 medium sizes (chopped)
Low fat cottage cheese:          2 tablespoon
Low fat plain Greek yogurt:    2 tablespoon
Soy milk:                                1 cups
Cardamom:                            1 pinch    
Honey:                                   2 tablespoon
Pistachio:                               2 tablespoon (few to garnish)


1) Put all the ingredients in a blender together and process it until smooth.
2) Serve cold and garnish it with pistachio.


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