Thursday, November 22, 2012

Paneer Chandni (Cottage Cheese cubes in cashew gravy)

No two dishes were alike in the elaborate cuisine of 18th century court of the princely kingdom of Awadh now city of Lucknow. The most exotic and expensive ingredients were sourced and styles of preparation were long and painstaking because of slow cooking process. The richness of Awadhi cuisine lies not only in the variety of cuisine but also is the ingredients used in creating such a variety. Dhungar, Dum, Baghar, Zamin doz are few techniques used for Awadhi cooking. Today I am sharing an authentic Paneer recipe from king's Awadhi kitchen.

Serve     2

Preparation time:  45 minutes


Cottage cheese:                            250 grams
Cashew nuts:                                50 grams
Ginger:                                         15 grams
Green Chili:                                  2 small
Khoya (Reduced Milk):                50 grams
Cardamoms:                                 2-3
Ghee (clarified butter):                  1 tablespoon
Cloves:                                        2 small
Onions:                                        50 grams (finely chopped)
Salt to taste
White pepper
Milk or Cream:                            2 tablespoon
Few almonds and saffron threads for garnish


1) Cut the cottage cheese into 1 inch cubes.
2) Make a paste of cashew nuts, ginger, green chili, khoya and 1 cardamom.
3) Heat ghee in a pan/ lagan, crackle cloves and one cardamom. Add chopped onion and saute. Ensure that it does not get brown or it will change the color of gravy.
4) Add the cashew paste and cook stirring continuously at low heat so that it does not stick to the bottom.
5) Check the seasoning, add cottage cheese cubes and cook till gravy is thick and cheese cubes are soft.
6) Finish with cream or milk to adjust the consistency
7) Transfer to serving pot, garnish with almond flakes and saffron thread. Serve hot with your favourite naan



  1. Lovely. Really a treat to the taste buds.
    I make a paneer safeda which is probably a Banaras version,slightly different from this a favorite at my place.

    1. Thanks Sangeeta.. I am off to ur space to check banaras ka version. I am also from the same place :)

  2. super delicious looking dish