Friday, August 24, 2012

Apple Iceberg

Siting out in garden on a cold sunny morning with my Apple iceberg, JUST PERFECT.. Can't stop sharing this recipe as I am falling in for this delicious yet simple recipe. Simplicity at its best. Loved by all in my family  and always a hit in any dinner/ lunch party. I came up with the idea years back when my Granny smith apples were getting old keeping in the refrigerator. Its a cake based dessert, apple is tossed with hung curd & walnut and served with plain vanilla sponge cake. Here goes the recipe.


Vanilla sponge cake:          200gm ( You can buy ready made)

Or else make it at home:

Flour:                                1 cups
Powdered Sugar:               1/2 cup
Oil:                                    1/2 cup
Eggs:                                  2 large
Baking powder:                  1 tsp
Vanilla Essence:                  1/2 tsp
Hung Curd/Greek Curd :     4tsp
Brown Sugar:                      2tsp
Granny Smith apple:            1 Small ( Cut in very small cubes)
Walnut:                               1/4 cup


1)For cake:
Sieve flour and  baking powder twice. Beat eggs till almost 3 times in volume. Add essence and sugar and beat again till mixture is frothy . Pour in the oil slowly beating all the while.  Fold the flour mixture gently into the egg mixture. Pour into a greased tin lined with butter paper. Or use you favorite mold. Bake at 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes in an oven or 3-4 mins in a Microwave. Cool it down and keep aside. You can use a eggless cake also.

2) Dice the apple, add curd brown sugar and walnut. Don't ground the sugar use it whole.
3) Take a serving dish and place your cake and top it over with apple yogurt. You can use a cappuccino serving glass fill  it half with broken cake and top it up with apple yogurt.
4) Sprinkle some walnut on top and dig in to enjoy your scrumptious creation.